Reservations need to be submitted to the Parks office and are not secured until payment has been received. It is required to call ahead of time to see if the day you are requesting is available for use. (541)296-9533      

Memorial Rose Garden-only a few spots left click here for details

300 East Scenic Drive, The Dalles, Oregon

Park Reservation Rules

Park Facilities & Information:
Group Shelter (electricity available, water available, working fireplace) Shelter Reservations  
Group Picnic Area (BBQ pit available, electricity available with permit) Picnic Area Reservations 
Picnic Tables
Play Equipment
Softball Fields
Soccer Fields
Tennis courts (2)
Volleyball Court (sand)
Horse Shoe Pits
Walking paths (8/10 of a mile)
18 hole Disc Golf Course
Disc Golf Course map     Rules and Score Card
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Memorial Rose Garden
Acres: 45     

1-      Is there someplace in the picnic area of Sorosis Park that we could heat hot dogs or a casserole?

The picnic area consists of a large barbeque pit and numerous picnic tables. The policy states that if you bring in charcoal or other forms of fuel (wood etc) that you have a container to dispose of the used materials to remove them from the park when you are done. Of course, you are welcome to bring a gas grill if you’d like.

2-      Is it possible to heat water to make coffee in the park?

     There is accessible power source close by the barbeque pit that is available for your use.

3-       If so, what sort of cooking equipment  is available at Sorosis?

There is no other cooking equipment (pots, pans, utensils) so I encourage you to bring what you think is suitable for your families’ needs.

4-      What  would I need to bring, to use the park’s cooking facilities?  (tea kettle? Electric coffee pot? Sauce pan? Money for metered electricity?)

          Again, I encourage you to bring everything you may need for your event. A tea kettle would be sufficient, or you   may choose to bring a coffee pot. Also, at this point we do not charge for use of electricity.

5-      Is water available in Sorosis Park?

         There are water sources available around the facility and a restroom in close proximity to the Picnic Area.

6-      Is the picnic area in the shade?

         There are many shade trees around the facility, but the picnic tables are in a fairly open area. Depending on the time of day, there may be shade.

7-      If not, could we bring a small portable canopy to keep out of the sun?

         By all means, please bring what you need to be comfortable. The concern is damage to the grounds when bringing in larger items, but this is perfectly acceptable.