Northern Wasco County Park & Recreation District Rules and Regulations

  1. No person shall cut, remove, or damage any flowers, trees, or shrubs without prior obtained permission from the Executive Director.

  2. No person shall build any fire within any facilities except in a stove or fireplace provided therefore solely with the use of manufactured fuel.

  3. No person shall permit any dog to run at large within any facility, and all dogs within the facilities shall be kept in control on leash at all times. Owners and possessor of dogs within the facilities shall immediately remove feces deposited by dog under their control.

  4. No motor vehicles or motor bikes shall be operated, stopped, parked, or left standing any place in a facility except on roads and parking areas provided therefore without a permit previously obtained from the Executive Director visibly displayed in the windshield of said vehicle.

  5. Speed limit 15 miles per hour within roadway located within the facilities.

  6. No person shall ride or drive any horse or non-domestic animal or permit any horse or non-domestic animal to go upon any portion of any public park except on the roads and regularly provided parking areas in said facilities.

  7. Parking, entering or remaining in facilities, with the exception of the Ted Walker Memorial Swimming Pool parking lot, in the night time, ½ hour after sunset, is prohibited and all persons shall be excluded from said facilities between 12:00am and ½ hour before sunrise or 6:00am, whichever occurs first, except as may be permitted by order of the Executive Director.

  8. Entering or remaining in Riverfront Park between November 1st and the Friday before Memorial Day is prohibited except as may be permitted by order of the Executive Director.

  9. No person shall mutilate, deface, injure, damage, or molest any building installation, personal property, or piece of equipment in any facility.

  10. No alcoholic beverages shall be allowed, or consumed in the facilities except as specifically approved by the Board of Directors which shall be solely approved in limited circumstances subject to the Board’s absolute discretion.

  11. No person shall engage in the sale or distribution of any merchandise or service or operate any concession within any facility without a permit previously obtained from the Executive Director.

  12. No person shall dump or dispose of any trash or garbage in any facility, except in receptacles provided therefore and generated through the use of the facility.

  13. No person shall scatter or dispose of any bottles, broken glass, waste, or discarded paper or litter or waste material of any kind in any facility, except in receptacles provided therefore.

  14. No person shall conduct himself or herself in a disorderly manner in any facility.

  15. No person or persons shall operate or play any amplified musical instrument or any equipment manufactured primarily for the purpose of amplified sound or any amplifying microphone in any public park without a permit issued by the Northern Wasco County Park and Recreation District, applied for at least 5 working days in advance of the proposed use. The issuance of a permit shall not be construed to give the holder the right to create a public nuisance by the use or operation of the instrument, equipment, or microphone.

  16. No person shall possess a firearm as defined by ORS 166.210 (2) or weapon as set forth in ORS 166.275 in a district facility without a permit issued by the Executive Director.

  17. No person shall provide food or beverage for sale or distribution to the general public without first obtaining a permit from the Executive Director.

  18. Persons are prohibited from using tobacco products in district facilities, including parking lot areas, at all times.

  19. Section 3. Any person who violates any of the foregoing rules and regulations shall, upon conviction thereof in the recorder’s court, be punished by a fine of not more than $250.00 per ORS 198.600, or by imprisonment for not more than 5 days, or by both such fine and imprisonment.