Northern Wasco County Park & Recreation District

Job Description for Aquatic Center Supervisor


Job Title:                       Aquatic Center Supervisor                                                                        

Reports To:                   Executive Director

Hourly Wage Range:  $13.00-$16.00

Hours Per Week:         20 Hours Pre-season, 40 Hours Regular Season        

Classification:                Seasonal, Non-Benefited



The Aquatic Center Supervisor is responsible for the complete operation and administration of the pool facility. He/she will receive instructions and report to the Executive Director.



1.       Must possess current Red Cross Lifeguard certificate valid through September 30, 2019.

2.       Administration and/or supervisory background in swimming pool operation including direction of pool staff and pool maintenance operations. Must have at least 2 summers experience in a Lifeguard and Swim Instructor position and experience in a Head Lifeguard or supervisory capacity.


1.       Understanding of basic philosophy of a sound community Aquatic programming and ability to interpret that philosophy to staff and the public.

2.       Ability to work cooperatively with representatives of community, public and private groups and organizations to provide the best possible image of Northern Wasco County Parks & Recreation.

3.       Ability to work harmoniously with the public and fellow employees in an enthusiastic and cooperative manner.

4.       Ability to train, supervise and evaluate employees.

5.       Ability to communicate effectively


1.       Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Aquatic Center Supervisor assumes the responsibility for administering the pool program. Includes supervision of events, training and supervising pool staff, public relations, safety, program, and cash management.

2.       Assists in conducting in-service training and supervision of competent Lifeguards, Cashiers, and Head Lifeguards, and the establishment of emergency measures and procedures.

3.       Plans and supervises a comprehensive swimming lesson program designed to serve all age groups from age six months to the adult level.

4.       Help train and supervise instructors and aides who teach the lessons. Prepare lessons assignments.  

5.       Plans and assigns all schedules for those who work at the pool. Submit accurate bi-monthly employee time sheets.

6.       Completes facility reports, attendance reports, accident reports, incident reports, and any other report as needed.

7.       Directs and supervises the collection of all fees, prepares daily cash collection reports and deposit slips. He/she must also train and supervise employees in cash handling procedures, and cash register and Visa/MasterCard usage. Submits cash collection report daily.

8.       Oversees the cleaning of the entire pool facility, including the bathhouse, dressing rooms, restrooms, checking and concession areas, decks, and pool itself.

9.       Works closely with competitive swim team program, which includes regular practices and competitive swim meets.

10.    Works closely with the community to involve as many people as possible in the Aquatic program. Promotes a spirit of friendliness and cooperation with co-workers and strives to develop a good rapport with those who live in the community.

11.    Attends all supervisory staff meetings held throughout the spring and summer.

12.    Is courteous, tactful and polite to the public and co-workers at all times. Enforces pool rules under the above guidelines.

13.    Keeps well groomed at all times. Wears required N.W.C.P.R.D. uniform.

14.    Work with staff to plan and organize special events at your facility during the course of the summer.

15.    Evaluates existing situations and makes decisions concerning hazardous weather and other conditions which may arise. Insures that the pool is properly and sufficiently staffed at all times.

16.    Evaluates personnel on an on-going-basis throughout the summer.

17.    Implements and enforces N.W.C.P.R.D. policies on safety standards, public relations, operations, and staff responsibilities.

18.    Lifeguards, teaches lessons and water exercise classes as needed.

19.    Performs all other duties as assigned.


1.       Ability to work irregular work shifts – weekdays, evenings, weekends, and holidays.

2.       Ability to work outdoors in varying weather conditions.


Please provide a professional resume, N.W.C.P.R.D. employment application ( www.nwprd.org/jobs/ ) and cover letter to:

stacey@nwprd.org or N.W.C.P.R.D. Human Resources; 602 W 2nd Street; The Dalles, OR 97058