On behalf of everyone with the District, we would like to give a BIG "Thank You" to all of those who have volunteered their time for our parks and programs. 

The 2013/2014 Board of Directors:

The NWCPRD Board of Directors holds all regularly scheduled meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 5:30pm at the District Office @ 414 Washington St. Suite 1D For more information on board meetings, please call the NWCPRD office at 296-9533.

Chairman: Catherine Whalen

Vice Chairman: Marcus Denney

Secretary:         Nikki Lesich

Director: Dean Dollarhide          

Director: Travis Dray

Meet our Staff!


Administrative Office  


Executive Director: Open

Karl Cozad, Interim Director



Contact Our Director: cozadk@nwprd.org



Executive Assistant:

Jennifer Botts 


Contact Our Assistant: jennifer@nwprd.org


Activities Coordinator: 

Danny Kittelson

Contact Our Coordinator: programs@nwprd.org

Park Maintenance Crew

Field Supervisor:

Frank Buchanan         


 Contact Our Crew: parks@nwprd.org

Park Maintenance Technicians:

Cliff Clason   

Richard Taylor

Mike Heiser

Edilberto Gonzaga