Northern Wasco County Parks & Recreation District 2019 Adult 3 on 3 Basketball League Rules

1. All games must start with 3 players on each team. Teams have a 5-minute grace period to get 3 players on the court before a forfeit is called. Any number (2 or 1) may complete the game.

2. There will be two 20-minute halves with a 5-minute half time. If a game ends in a tie, there will be a 2-minute break and a 5-minute overtime period. If there is still a tie, then alternating free throws until one team misses while the other team makes it (every player takes turn in rotation).

3. Unlimited substitution is permitted, but the ball must be dead before a person can enter the game.

4. One team captain is expected to represent his team in case of a disagreement or appeal.

5. There are no referees, so fouls will be called by the offensive player who gets fouled. Offensive team will restart play from beyond the top of the free throw circle. A staff member will be present so please report any unsportsmanlike conduct.

6. If you are fouled on the shot in the last two minutes of the game, it is an automatic two free throws and change of possession. If you are fouled in the last one minute of the game, it is an automatic two free throws and change of possession. (This applies to any foul, not just shooting fouls.)

7. Home team starts the game with the ball (home team is in red on the schedule). Visitors start the second half with the ball.

8. No dunking at any time.

9. No STALLING! There will be an unwritten 30-second shot clock in effect at all times. Failure to shoot in the 30-second period will result in a loss of possession.

10. Each team is allowed to take one 1-minute time out per half.

11. Clock is running time through the entire game except for the last 2 minutes.

12. The clock can then be stopped for time outs, fouls, and out of bounds. Teams must in-bound the ball from under their hoop.

13. No cursing or fighting.

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